Jenny McCarthy doesn't want kids with Donnie Wahlberg

Jenny McCarthy doesn't want to have children with Donnie Wahlberg because she wants to spend time with him following their wedding last year.

Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy doesn't want children with Donnie Wahlberg.

The 42-year-old model has 12-year-old son Evan with ex-husband John Mallory Asher and step-children, Elijah, 14 and Xavier, 21 - Donnie's children with ex-wife Kim Fey - and has already decided she and her new spouse won't be adding to their small brood.

She told E! News when asked if she and Donnie, 45, were planning on having any kids: "When you work so hard and your kids are out of the diaper phase, out of the high chair and you get rid of all that start over again? No way! I want to go towards the light with my husband while we still can walk."

The couple tied the knot in August 2014 after just 13 months of dating and she has admitted it was difficult to blend their families after the nuptials.

She explained: "Integration is not easy for any family, so it took baby steps in some areas.

She added: "We talked about this last night. We said, 'It's funny how we can see how each child is a blessing for each other.' Like Evan is so influenced by Elijah, Donnie's son who's his similar age. And how Elijah means to me in my life that I didn't necessarily get from anybody before. So if everyone can just realize that integration is for a reason and you look at it like blessings, it makes it so much easier to just accept what is and kind of go through those bumps and grinds with peace."

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