Jessie Cave has sofa syndrome

'Harry Potter' actress and illustrator Jessie Cave has admitted she has often shunned going out in favour of watching TV and surfing the internet.

Jessie Cave has sofa syndrome

Jessie Cave has "sofa syndrome".

The former 'Harry Potter' actress admits she has shunned the chance to go out with friends in favour of staying home to watch TV or go online, and has created a series of sketches inspired by excuses for staying in based on research conducted by ticketing website Stubhub.

One of the sketches featured a girl on the sofa with a giant pizza and the caption: "I didn't go out because I wanted to order an XXL pepperoni pizza and have an awkward chat with the pizza guy about how well both our exes are doing."

Another was a girl clutching her phone and holding a glass of wine and said: "I didn't go out because according to Facebook a girl called Kitten is attending and I live my life trying to avoid conversations with Kitten at all costs."

StubHub's research showed 42 per cent of people would prefer to watch 'Game of Thrones' than see their favourite band perform live, while 38% would opt for 'Gogglebox' over a gig.

And almost a third would prefer to stay home and play video games, while over 29% would opt to be at home watching YouTube videos.

One in Five respondents would prefer to watch a livestream of an event on the couch than go to the live event.

Other reasons people gave for staying home in the survey of 2,000 18-24 year olds included throwing Harry Potter parties, building forts out of pillows and being too scared by a spider in the hall to leave the house.

Jessie said of the study and her illustrations: "As someone who most definitely has sofa syndrome, I really enjoyed looking at the (hilarious) research conducted by StubHub and using it as inspiration for my doodles. I think we all know we probably should and could get out a bit more.... And especially when there is such great live entertainment the UK has to offer."

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