Jodie Marsh wants children without partner

Jodie Marsh is keen to start a family and is willing to use a sperm donor as she doesn't have a partner.

Jodie Marsh
Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh wants to have a child via a sperm bank.

The 36-year-old bodybuilder-and-presenter is keen to start a family but she isn't interested in embarking on a relationship.

She said: "I definitely want kids. I've got two nieces - aged two and 12 - and they're amazing. They make me really broody.

"Although I'll probably have to use a sperm bank as I obviously don't have a partner."

While she hasn't been with a man for some time, Jodie insists she doesn't miss sex.

She said: "Yes and I don't miss sex at all. I stopped wanting it because I wanted to meet somebody who loved me, and to be in a meaningful relationship.

"I said to myself I'm not going to sleep with anyone until it's real, and I just haven't met anyone I've fallen in love with. I respect myself now more than ever."

And the outspoken star also confessed she once considered hiring an escort but couldn't find anyone attractive enough.

She told Closer magazine: "I trawled through all the websites, but I didn't find any that I found attractive. If I'd found someone who I thought was super-hot I'd have hired him there and then, but there's no point in paying for a guy when you don't fancy him."

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