Joss Stone spurned studies for singing

Joss Stone has admitted she didn't take her studies seriously when she was a teenager because she was obsessed with music.

Joss Stone
Joss Stone

Joss Stone wishes she finished her studies when she was a teenager.

The music star did not focus on her school work as much as she should have done when she launched her singing career at the age of just 13 and if she could go back in time she would definitely choose to go to college.

In an interview with Brazilian website Portal G1, she said: "'If I could do it today, I would certainly go to college. I love learning something new. But at the age of 13, 14, when I started singing, these things didn't really interest me ... I did not like it. At that time I definitely would not have gone to college."

Although Joss would take her studies more seriously if she could repeat her teen years, the 27-year-old soul singer has no regrets about prioritising her singing career.

Joss - who is currently on tour in South America - said: "Having started listening to music (at that age) and singing was the best thing, definitely, for me.

"I lost my studies and will not be able to recover them. But I think it was the right thing for me, but I do not think it's the right thing for everyone. If I were smarter and, say, I had more of a tendency to academic life, I might have continued in school."

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