Julianne Moore: My children give me purpose

Julianne Moore believes her husband and her children give her "purpose" and a "sense of belonging" in life.

Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore's children give her "purpose".

The 'Still Alice' star believes her two kids, Caleb, 17 and Liv, 12 - who she has with director husband Bart Freundlich - give her a sense of "belonging".

She told Parade magazine: "Right before I met my husband, I always felt as if the party was happening somewhere else.

"Like, 'Where is everybody else going?' And once I met him and we had our children, I was like, 'This is where the party is.' There's nowhere else I want to be. I see a tremendous amount of purpose and a feeling of belonging."

Family life is clearly important to the 54-year-old actress, who previously revealed she chooses her family over any prospective acting jobs if necessary.

She said: "If ever I do a film that's a long way from home, we schedule it for the summertime and the rest of the family comes with me.

"Other than that, I'm never away for more than a week. If someone says to me, 'Will do you this film in Hungary?' I just go, 'Sorry - if you can move it to New Jersey, then maybe it will work.'"

Despite her husband's film knowledge, Julianne admitted she rarely asks him for advice on which parts to take on.

She said: "I make up my own mind what I do. I might ask him to read something if I need help, but generally I know pretty quickly what I like and what I don't.

"Contrary to what people might say, I don't make a point of going for 'difficult' parts. I've just tried to vary things as much as possible."

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