Justin Bieber doesn't want neighbours

Justin Bieber is on a mission to find a new home but has admitted he doesn't want to live too close to anyone else because he wants to play his music really loud late at night.

Justin Bieber doesn't want neighbours

Justin Bieber doesn't want to have any neighbours because he wants to play his music "really loud" late at night.

The 'What Do You Mean?' hitmaker, 20, is trying to find himself a new home but the search is proving harder than he first thought as he's adamant he doesn't want anyone to live too close to him so he can smash his drums at any hour.

Speaking to UsWeekly, he said: "I don't want neighbours! I'm loud, I'm really loud. I'm gonna play my music really, really, really loud every night, I'm gonna play the drums. I'm gonna have a lot of people over, probably. And I can't have neighbours, just because I don't want to piss anyone off."

The pop superstar is hoping he'll snap up the perfect home, without the need for renovations, within the next six months.

Meanwhile, it's no wonder the hunk has a strict criteria when it comes to finding his next house as over the past few years he's had a number of run-ins with his residential neighbours.

In early 2013, Justin was accused of speeding around his gated community in Calabasas, California in his Ferrari.

A few months later, the troubled star allegedly spat on one of his neighbours following a public altercation.

And then at the beginning of last year, Justin was charged with misdemeanour vandalism after he caused $20,000 in damages by bombarding his neighbour's house with eggs.

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