Kanye West got Drake and Tyga on talking terms again

Kanye West was responsible for Tyga and Drake becoming friends again after he put them into a room together to sort out their differences.

Kanye West got Drake and Tyga on talking terms again

Kanye West ended Tyga and Drake's feud.

The 'Rack City' rapper exchanged barbs with the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker - who he branded "fake" - in 2014 but they shared a hug and put their differences behind them after their mutual pal intervened and forced them to come face-to-face with one another.

Tyga said: "Kanye put us in a room together when he was doing his fashion show and I didn't even know he was there and we saw each other and gave each other a hug. At the end of the day if somebody is not taking anything away from you, like family, it's not affecting your family or taking away your money, you shouldn't have a problem with somebody."

The 26-year-old star thinks his relationship with Drake deteriorated because they didn't communicate very well.

Of his beef with Drake, he added: "There is no tension, we are cool. I think the main thing when you've got history with somebody and you stop communicating with the person it can go any way and anybody can assume anything."

Meanwhile, Tyga - who has an on/off relationship with Kylie Jenner, the half-sister of Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian West - has revealed he's been working with the 'All Day' rapper on music.

In an interview with Los Angeles radio station Real 92.3, he said: "We've actually been working on a few joint stuff. I was working with him on his album. He's got some monsters."

However, Tyga has confirmed the songs won't be on Yeezy's forthcoming LP, which he has renamed 'Waves'.

He tweeted following the airing of the interview: "I'm not on waves (sic)"

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