Kasabian owe lives to partners

Kasabian thinks they would be in jail or dead if they didn't have stable lives with their partners and children.


Kasabian think they would be dead if they didn't have stable home lives.

The 'Eez-Eh' rockers believe being settled with partners and children have kept them going off the rails completely.

Asked where they would be without partners and children, guitarist Serge Pizzorno - who has two sons with girlfriend Amy - said: "Half of Kasabian would be in jail, the rest dead. I don't mean to be morbid, but I'm not joking."

And his bandmate, father-of-one Tom Meighan, thinks the group would have had big problems if they had been around during the excesses of the 1980s as they would have had no reason to curb their partying.

He said: "I'd be dead if it were the '80s, no question about it. What with Mötley Crüe and Guns N' Roses? Yeah I'd be dead. I'd crash and burn. I mean it's hard enough now when everyone gives a s**t about health and appearance."

Though they lead quieter lives these days, Serge insists he still has a "part of Lucifer" in him but says his wilder streak is essential for his songwriting.

He told Loaded magazine: "I do have a part of Lucifer in me. But I wouldn't be able to write these tunes if sometimes I didn't want to go to bed - ever.

"Lucifer comes out as soon as I'm a few beers in, and has influenced many decisions on a night out. But I'm lucky. I think I had my path laid out for me and that's to write and produce tunes."

The 250th celebratory issue of Loaded - which features Kasabian on the cover - is available to buy in both print and digital formats now.

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