Katherine Heigl: Motherhood has given me perspective

Hollywood actress Katherine Heigl has claimed motherhood has given her "perspective."

Katherine Heigl: Motherhood has given me perspective

Katherine Heigl says motherhood has given her "perspective."

The 'Doubt' actress, who has two adopted daughters, Naleigh, six, and Adalaide, three, with husband Josh Kelley, says they forced her to take a step back and realise there is more to life than acting.

She said: "It's been a huge blessing - it gave me perspective. Before them, it was all about my goals as an actor. They helped me to take a step back and go, OK, I have some important work to do on this earth.

"Naleigh is six going on 13! She's very sassy and confident. Adalaide's a total tomboy who's obsessed with bugs. The other day she was digging for worms."

The blonde beauty thinks her musician husband is a "fantastic" father.

She told InTouch: "He get sup with them in the morning more often than me. I am not a morning person. The girls are obsessed with him. I think that every woman with healthy self-esteem had a really great dad."

The couple relocated to Utah from Los Angeles to raise their daughters away from the spotlight in 2010.

Katherine explained: "We live in a small ranching town 7,000 feet up in the mountains. It's so peaceful."

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