Kerry Washington sends her parents gifts

Kerry Washington sends her parents gifts for her birthday because she says "they did all the work."

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington sends her parents gifts for her birthday.

The 'Scandal' star, who is celebrating her 38th birthday today (31.01.15), admits she usually likes to spoil her mother, Valerie, and her father, Earl, for the occasion because "they did all the work."

Asked if she still receives birthday presents from her family, the actress said: "I do. I actually tend to send something to my parents. Usually I do, because I feel like they did all the work. I just came out, but they did all the work. And I like to put something inappropriate in the card, like 'Thanks for getting it on!' "

Kerry, who is married to retired NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, 33, is excited that her birthday falls during Super Bowl weekend.

She told 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': "There have been a couple years where it has been perfect alignment and I feel like the whole nation is partying for me. You can't tell I'm an only child, can you?"

The actress also opened up about her nine-month-old daughter, Isabelle, and hopes to set up a play-date for her and Jimmy's six-month-old baby girl, Jane.

She said: "Life is really great. You know, little girl at home, it's great. We gotta get them together."

When the chat show host said: "Mine really just eats things and grabs hair and stuff," Kerry replied: "They have that in common. The hair's up a lot these days."

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