Kevin Jonas' baby daughter has learnt to walk

Kevin Jonas admits he and his wife Danielle were left stunned when their 12-month-old daughter started to walk two weeks ago.

Kevin and Danielle Jonas
Kevin and Danielle Jonas

Kevin Jonas' baby daughter has started to walk.

The former Jonas Brothers star admits he and his wife Danielle Jonas were blown away after their 12-month-old daughter Alena hit the impressive milestone two weeks before her first birthday.

Speaking to, Kevin said: "She's walking -- that's new! It's pretty crazy."

Danielle, 28, added: "It was two weeks ago. She started stumbling a little bit, and now she's a pro. We hardly see her crawl."

The hunk explained: "She gets up on her own without holding on to anything. It just happened overnight!

"Everybody would say to me, 'It's going to go so fast,' and I used to hate that. It's really true."

However, the little one hasn't just impressed her parents with her walking ability as she's also started to say a few words as well.

Danielle said: "[She says] mama when she's upset."

Kevin added: "Which is hilarious. [She says] dada, mama, and baba for her bottle."

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old singer admits, although parenthood has been a "learning curve" for himself and Danielle, he believes they've done a good job bringing up their daughter so far.

Kevin explained: "There is a learning curve for sure. You start out not knowing anything and by the end of it you come out as experts in your own way. She's [Alena's] unbelievable, she really is -- we couldn't have done better."

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