Khloé Kardashian: My marriage to Lamar Odom was 'toxic'

Khloé Kardashian admits her marriage to Lamar Odom was "toxic" but credits the split for helping her fall in love with the gym.

Khloé Kardashian: My marriage to Lamar Odom was 'toxic'

Khloé Kardashian's marriage to Lamar Odom was "toxic".

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star sought solace in the gym when her relationship with the basketball player started to go downhill.

She said: "My home [with Odom] was dark and toxic. At the time, my family didn't know what I was going through. It was the biggest secret I've kept. I just needed a place to go."

The 31-year-old television personality avoided her mother Kris Jenner as she thought "she would start asking too many questions" and didn't want to go to a hotel as "the paparazzi would see me and it would look shady" so focused on visiting the gym instead.

She added: "They had a TV and I could watch 'The Real Housewives' on an elliptical. No one talked to me. I loved that solitude.

"I never thought about the number. When I started seeing that I could lose weight - because I just thought my body would never change - I started taking it more seriously and eating better."

And Khloé is happy to speak out about what's going in her life, even if it isn't great, and thinks that makes her more "real".

She told Harpers BAZAAR magazine: "People think I'm more 'real'. I'm the first person to say if I didn't do something right or that I could have done something differently. I share so much, maybe more in-depth than my sisters, and I think people appreciate that."

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty - who has recently filed for divorce from Lamar for the second time - previously admitted it was a "challenge" deciding to go through with the split.

She shared: "I've been blessed with a lot in my life, and I've also had challenges. It was a challenge for me when I decided to get divorced. At my core, I don't believe in divorce.

"But I came to a point in my marriage where I had to make the choice to take care of my own mental and emotional well-being in order to protect myself and my happiness. I am at peace with that decision and do feel like I honoured my vows to the very end."

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