Kieran Hayler pined for Katie Price with posters

Kieran Hayler dealt with missing his wife Katie Price by putting up posters of her all around their home when she was on reality TV show 'Celebrity Big Brother' for three weeks.

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler
Katie Price and Kieran Hayler

Kieran Hayler put up posters of Katie Price all over their house when she starred on 'Celebrity Big Brother' because he missed her so much.

The ex-stripper - who cheated on the former model with two of her best friends last year - was pining for the 36-year-old star so much during her three-week stint on the reality TV show earlier this year that he needed the visual aids to help him deal with missing her.

He said: "It's funny because I think since Kate came out of the house, everyone's been telling her how much I've been pining for her.

"I had to put posters up all over the house because I missed her so much.

"I've got an app on my phone where you send the pictures and they come back as a poster."

Despite missing Katie a lot, Kieran feared she was going to split up with him when she left the 'CBB' house because he didn't see much footage of her speaking about him in a positive light on the programme.

She added: "He was upset because they didn't really show clips of me talking about him apparently, so he thought I was going to finish with him when I came out.

"I spoke about him all the time."

In a joint interview with OK! magazine, he said: "It was the hardest thing ever. Especially because we've been together 24/7 since everything went on last year, so to just have that cut off was horrible.

"I kept ringing everyone and saying, 'Do you think everything's going to be OK between us?'

"I was paranoid because she wasn't saying anything nice about me."

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