Kimberley Walsh was called 'duck bum' at school

Kimberley Walsh has admitted she used to get called "duck bum" at school because of her hourglass frame but the nasty comments didn't damage her confidence.

Kimberley Walsh was called 'duck bum' at school

Kimberley Walsh used to get called "duck bum" at school.

The former Girls Aloud singer - who was known as 'the curvy one' in the band - has admitted her hourglass figure has always been the target, even when she was growing up, but the comments have never damaged her confidence.

She told the Daily Telegraph's Review: "When I was growing up, fashion was all about Kate Moss. At school I used to get called 'duck bum', never in a malicious way, never to the point I had a complex about it."

Since she left the 'Sound of the Underground' hitmakers, Kimberly, 33, has gone on to carve out a career in musical theatre and has admitted she'll probably never return to pop.

She explained: "I had such a long career with Girls Aloud, I don't feel I need to do any more pop. I felt really comfortable doing 'Shrek'. I did a lot of musical theatre as a child and I enjoyed the acting, as well as the singing and dancing.

"My voice lends itself more towards theatre than pop and I love the simplicity of becoming someone else and then switching off when I leave the stage.

"After all those years of being Kimberly onstage and off, it's lovely to inhabit another character."

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