Kourtney Kardashian's lipstick ban

Kourtney Kardashian once got lipstick banned at her school because she wore it so much as she was growing up.

Kourtney Kardashian's lipstick ban

Kourtney Kardashian got lipstick banned at her school.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star attended an all girls' catholic school growing up and has revealed she was so fond of wearing make up that the teachers opted to ban it because of her.

When asked when she got into make up, she said: "Probably in the eighth grade (age 13-14). My sisters and I went to an all girls' catholic school, and we always used to try and get away with wearing lipstick to school. We'd sneak in and the teacher would always confiscate it from us, in the end they banned lipstick because of us!

"Then, one Christmas, my dad got us all makeup lessons, this girl came and did a full makeup lesson on us and video-taped it so we could watch it back and learn. We literally must have watched that video over and over. We were pretty young back then and I feel like that was the first time we really got into it."

And the 37-year-old television personality also revealed she opts for an easy skincare routine as recommended by her dermatologist.

She added to Cosmopolitan.co.uk: "I don't moisturise my face very often, only about once a week at night. My skin isn't that dry, so my dermatologist told me just to use moisturiser when I feel like my skin needs it or feels dry.

"Instead of eye cream I like to use I use oils on my eyelids and under my eyes at nighttime. I just love the consistency of oil over eye cream. Also, I find eye cream can build up, the skin around your eyes is so thin, I find creams to be a bit much and prefer the feeling of oils instead."

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