Kristin Cavallari's kids provide 'strength' during her grief

Kristin Cavallari relies on her three young children to give her "strength" to cope with her brother Michael's death.

Kristin Cavallari's kids provide 'strength' during her grief

Kristin Cavallari's children are giving her the "strength" to cope with her brother Michael's death.

The 'Hills' star has opened up about her grief since she lost her 30-year-old sibling, who passed away from hypothermia after being exposed to the elements in Utah three months ago.

And she has credited her kids Camden, three, Jaxon, 22 months and four-month-old Saylor for helping her deal with the pain.

Asked how she has been since Michael's death, the 29-year-old beauty said: "I'm OK. I mean, I have good days and bad days. I've just been looking to my kids especially for strength, and focusing on them."

Kristin's brother was missing for almost a fortnight before his body was discovered by law enforcement in rocky terrain.

The reality TV star - who wed Jay Cutler in 2013 - has since written a book entitled 'Balancing In Heels' which delves into her life after she left 'The Hills' and said she wrote the book because she wanted to inspire women to "have it all" by telling her story.

She told US Weekly: "I just feel like I've come a long way the past ten years and I am at a place where I can let people in. And you know, I feel like as corny as it sounds, I've kind of found my place of happiness so I just, I wanted to write a book to show women that you can in fact have it all.

"Obviously I've had to make some sacrifices since my family is my number one priority, but I think that once you figure out what your priorities are ... everything else just kind of falls into place."

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