Léa Seydoux: I'm scared of 'everything'

Actress Léa Seydoux has admitted she is scared of "everything" including flying, heights and doing stunts.

Léa Seydoux: I'm scared of 'everything'

Léa Seydoux is scared of "everything".

The 'SPECTRE' actress admits she is quite nervous about a number of things including flying, heights and doing stunts.

She said: "I am scared of many things. I hate to fly (Xanax helps), I hate heights, I have a fear of space - everything.

"I was scared of shooting in the desert [for 'SPECTRE'], so hot and empty. I was afraid of going up the mountain and doing the stunts. I didn't feel comfortable with them [guns], but it's Bond."

And whilst the 30-year-old beauty admits she is fearful all the time, she is "addicted" to the feeling and won't let it hinder her performance on movie sets.

She told Australia's GQ magazine: "And with acting you never know if you'll be able to do it - but then the camera's on and you do it. With acting, I am always scared, but I like it and I'm addicted to that fear in a way."

Meanwhile, despite her reservations about filming in the desert, Léa admits it was a "dream" to be casted for the movie.

She gushed: "Sam [Mendes; the director] invited me for lunch and said, 'Do you want to be part of the film?' And I said yes.

"But for me it wasn't really real. I felt I was in a dream. So I was, 'Yeah ... I mean, yes.'"

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