Liam Gallagher's divorce case costs £800k

Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton spent a staggering £800,000 in legal bills as they battled to decide how to split £11 million in assets after their divorce.

Liam Gallagher's divorce case costs £800k

Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton's divorce has cost them £800,000.

The former Oasis rocker and the All Saints singer split in August 2013 after five years of marriage, and began a bitter battle with their divorce over how to split the £11 million they had accrued in assets.

Now Judge Martin O'Dwyer has revealed the financial toll the arguments took on the couple, as he ruled that the assets should be split down the middle - with Liam and Nicole both getting around £5.5 million each.

Details of the ruling came after a hearing at London's Central Family Court on Friday (18.12.15), which involved the judge deciding just how much of the hearing held in October could be made public.

Liam and Nicole had both been photographed arriving separately at the court earlier this year to listen to the hearing, but were not present for Friday's ruling.

Upon announcing details of the case, Judge O'Dwyer also said the costs involved had been "manifestly excessive".

He said: "The level of costs in this case, totalling over £800,000, are manifestly excessive for the determination of the dispute, which involves capital sums not much greater at the end of the day than £10 million."

He also said that Liam and Nicole, who started living together 15 years ago, had "lived a very good lifestyle".

The former couple are parents to 14-year-old son Gene together.

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