Liam Hemsworth attacked his brother with a kitchen knife

Hollywood hunk Liam Hemsworth has revealed he once hurled a kitchen knife at his older brother Chris.

Liam Hemsworth attacked his brother with a kitchen knife

Liam Hemsworth once hurled a kitchen knife at his brother Chris.

The 'Hunger Games' star has admitted that the sibling rivalry between himself and Chris, 32, became so "vicious" on occasions, that he would turn to using weapons to defend himself.

The 26-year-old Hollywood hunk - who also has another older brother, Luke, 35 - shared: "Our childhood rivalry was a bit vicious - a bit like 'The Hunger Games', actually."

Liam admitted that on some occasions, their bickering became completely out of hand.

He explained on 'The Graham Norton Show': "We had a few incidents with weapons - I never had any problems with Luke because he was so much older and I didn't mess with him.

"But with Chris, we were very like-minded, very stubborn and would often get into arguments and because I was so much younger and smaller I had to use weapons to fight."

Liam revealed he came perilously close to seriously injuring his older brother, who is perhaps, best known for playing the Marvel superhero Thor.

Liam said: "So one day when I was about five we had a fight in the kitchen about using the toaster, or something, and I picked up a kitchen knife and threw it at his head and the handle hit him in the forehead."

Liam jokingly added that despite the near-miss, he was always in control of the situation.

The Australian heartthrob quipped: "I could have hit him with the other end if I'd wanted to - it was just a warning shot!"

By contrast, the Hemsworth brothers are very close these days - but Liam has warned fans not to expect to see them making too many on-screen appearances together in the near future.

Explaining his reasoning, Liam recalled: "I did a TV show about 10 years ago with Luke and he came in for a day's work.

"All the cameras were on me and Luke was trying to distract me all the time - brotherly love!"

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