Man seduced by dolphin

A man has made a documentary about being seduced by a dolphin in 1971.

Other sea-swelling creatures
Other sea-swelling creatures

A man claims to have been seduced by a dolphin.

Malcolm Brenner has made a new documentary called 'Dolphin Lover' in which he claims he had a relationship with the mammal in 1971 when he was photographing her at a theme park in Sarasota, Florida.

In the 15 minute film, the 63-year-old man explains he had sex with the creature, named Dolly, on numerous occasions during their year long relationship, before she died.

As well as comments from Malcolm about the activities, viewers are shown a graphic animation of what it is like to engage in intercourse with a dolphin.

He has previously told his story in the novel, 'Wet Goddess'.

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