Man sells farts in a jar

Roy Stanton has launched a KickStarter page that advertises farts from "80 different nationalities".

Roy Stanton is selling farts
Roy Stanton is selling farts

A man is selling "international" farts in a jar.

Roy Stanton claims to have taken farts from "80 different nationalities" and has even launched his own KickStarter page to fund the unusual project.

On the page, he writes: "Fancy a light-hearted Irish fart? Or a rough and tumble Australian fart? How about a whimsical little Portuguese fart? Whatever your flatulent fancy, we have the farts to fill your senses."

For £6, he offers website users the fart of their choice, while consumers willing to part with £324 will be sent 80 jars containing farts from around the world.

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