Marc Anthony's biggest regret

Marc Anthony admits his biggest regret is not being around to see his five children - Max, eight; Emme, eight; Ryan, 12; Cristian, 15 and Ariana, 22 - when they were growing up.

Marc Anthony's biggest regret

Marc Anthony's biggest regret is not being a stay-at-home dad.

The 47-year-old singer - who has eight-year-old twins Max and Emme with his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez; Cristian, 15, and Ryan, 12, with his former wife Dayanara Torres and 22-year-old Ariana with ex-partner Debbie Rosado - says he would have loved to have spent more time with his kids when they were growing up.

He said: "The one regret would be that what I chose to do took so much of my time. What I would have done to have been a stay at home dad, and, you know, witnessed every second of everything. I would have loved that. Didn't work out that way.

"So it's the one thing that just tugs at me going and - that's the biggest sacrifice. And you sort of - you sorta - start to wonder was it all worth it. Was it worth it? You know, on that level."

And the 'Vivir Mi Vida' hitmaker - who is currently married to Shannon De Lima - also opened up about his own childhood, admitting he was "awkward" growing up.

Speaking on an upcoming episode of CBS Sunday Morning, he added: "To my mom, I was a pain in the ass. To my dad, I was the light of his eyes. And to me, I was awkward. I weighed two pounds.

"My dad told me early on, he said, 'Son, we're both ugly.' I swear to God, he says it to this day. And he goes, 'You work on your personality. It builds character.'"

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously admitted splitting from Marc was the "biggest disappointment of my life so far".

He shared: "It was devastating and awful. I think both Marc and I thought at the time we would be together for the next 40 years until we die.

"It was the biggest disappointment of my life so far. [But] I felt like at that time I had lost my way a little bit, of who I was in trying to make the marriage work.

"I had been married twice before and I didn't want this to be a failure ... I just put all my heart and soul into that and forgot who I was as an individual a little bit."

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