Matt Bellamy is 'happy' with Elle Evans

Matt Bellamy has admitted he's "happy" with how his relationship with Elle Evans has panned out and is enjoying how quickly it is progressing.

Matt Bellamy is 'happy' with Elle Evans

Matt Bellamy is "pretty happy" with Elle Evans.

The Muse frontman - who has four-year-old son Bingham with ex-fiancee Kate Hudson - has been romancing the 'Blurred Lines' model for several months and is thankful to have contentment in his own life when things in the wider world are so chaotic.

He said: "In my personal life, I'm pretty grateful, pretty happy.

"But when you look at what governments and corporations have done to the planet with warfare and environmental destruction, there's a constant feeling of discord."

And the 'Knights of Cydonia' singer admits being in love makes life on the road a lot easier.

Asked his tour essential, he said: "A girlfriend. That definitely makes touring a lot easier."

When he isn't touring with the band, Matt lives in Los Angeles and it took a long time of living in the city to realise people weren't as "fake" as they seemed.

He told Q magazine: "When you first move to LA, you think anyone who seems that happy is fake. It takes you two or three years to realise that they are just happy."

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