Matt Goss propositioned by husbands

Matt Goss claims he is regularly given "absurd" requests from men who want him to sleep with their wives.

Matt Goss propositioned by husbands

Matt Goss claims men beg him to sleep with their wives.

The 47-year-old singer finds the requests "absurd" but can understand why his "sexy" Las Vegas shows make his audiences feel "frisky".

He said: "I've had fellas ask me if I would sleep with their missus for their birthday and I say, 'Do yourself a favour right now and go up to your room and take care of the business.'

"I don't tell their women that I have said that because it's absurd they are asking me, but it happens when everyone gets merry.

"My show is very flirtatious and sexy and people get very frisky."

Despite being a hit with the ladies, the former Bros singer has been single since splitting from model Daisy Fuentes in 2010 but he'd love to find someone to settle down with.

He said: "I'd like to meet a woman I can have an incredible life with. I don't want to get divorced - I come from a broken family.

"I want to grow old with my family."

As he gets older, Matt has vowed he'll never go under the knife to retain his youthful looks.

He said: "Personally I don't think you should let the knife go on your face.

"Back in the Bros days, I read that me and Luke were genetically engineered and we weren't twins - it was hilarious."

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