Mike Myers feels like a father to all

Mike Myers feels like a father "to all the children" and has become a more compassionate person since becoming a parent.

Mike Myers feels like a father to all

Mike Myers feels like a father "to all the children".

The 'Wayne's World' actor - who has kids Spike, four, Sunday, two, and Paulina, five months, with wife Kelly Tisdale - was given some profound advice by his friend Adam Sandler when he first announced he and his spouse were expecting a baby but he didn't realise how "true" his pal's words would prove until his son was born.

He told People magazine: "What can I say that's profound that hasn't been said a million times?

"When news of my wife Kelly being pregnant got out, I got a call from Adam Sandler, who lives in L.A..

"I live in New York, and you end up never seeing the people that you used to see all the time. He called me up and he said, 'You're going to love fatherhood.'

"He said it's like that first time you fall in love and you're 12 years old -- only every day. He said it's like finding a room, like in a dream, in your house you never knew you had, and that's going to be your heart.

"I had no idea how true that was going to be. You do kind of become a father to all the children."

And the Canadian star admits being a parent has made him a much more compassionate person.

He said "You can relate to troubles everywhere. One of the things I'm most proud of is our [Canadian] Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees after the 2014 attacks in Ottawa.

"And to make that kind of choice, that's what fatherhood does for people; to go, 'We're going to double down on compassion. We're not going to give in to fear.'

"For me it's really awakened that tendency I've had my whole life."

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