Models showcase lingerie collection on London Underground

Bluebella has promoted its new lingerie line by getting models to turn the tube platforms into a catwalk.

Bluebella's new collection promoted
Bluebella's new collection promoted

Underwear models took to the London Underground in their smalls to promote Bluebella's new collection.

Commuters in the capital were stunned to see sexy women walking the platforms of the Northern Line in some of the designs by Bluebella, which created its Official Fifty Shades of Grey collection.

Emily Bendell, the company's founder, explained: "Bluebella is all about confidence and enjoyment and we thought it would cheer up a few commuters on their way to work to watch a catwalk show with gorgeous models.

"Great lingerie gives you an inner confidence - even if you are jammed against other travellers on the morning commute."

Bluebella worked with author E.L. James to create the Official Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie.

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