Nathan Sykes can't flit

Nathan Sykes is a "terrible" flirt and relies on his songwriting to tell people how he feels.

Nathan Sykes can't flit

Nathan Sykes has to write songs to tell women how he feels.

The former Wanted singer - who previously dated Ariana Grande - admits he is a "terrible" flirt and the only way he can explain his emotions is through his lyrics.

He said: "I'm terrible at letting people know I like them.

"'Kiss Me Quick' and 'Over and Over Again' were written as I can't flirt.

"I wrote the first to flirt for me and 'Over and Over Again' because I was like, 'How do I tell them how much they mean to me?'

"I wish I could just say that in person. [The person it is about] has heard it, but I never played it to them."

And the 22-year-old singer prefers to be friends with someone before embarking on a relationship because he is so "awkward and shy" when on dates.

He told We Love Pop magazine: "I'm so bad on dates.

"I go awkward and shy. I become friends with girls first.

"We hang out a lot and then we just end up dating."

When he split from Ariana, Nathan found it theraputic to write a song about the break-up and he thinks the 22-year-old pop star - who he recently duetted with on 'Over and Over Again' - will like the track.

He said: "I wrote a song when we broke up. I didn't sit down and think, 'I'm going to write a song about Ariana', it was more, 'Hey that's an emotion, a real, raw emotion'.

"It's never happy when you break up - it sucks, so I find the positive and create something.

"I think she'll really like it."

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