Ne-Yo needs three hat houses

Ne-Yo has so many hats, he has to keep them in three different places as they don't all fit in one house.


Ne-Yo has so many hats, he has to store them in three different houses.

The 32-year-old singer is known for his love of headwear and though he has his favourites, he has "double-digit thousands" to choose from.

He said: "I have a favourite style. I'm partial to a fedora, but I don't want to be a one-trick pony.

"The last time I counted, I was up to the double-digit thousands. I can't even keep them all in one house.

"I have a bunch of them in my LA house, a bunch in the house in Atlanta and a bunch in storage space that just sit and wait on Daddy to come home."

And the 'So Sick' hitmaker shared his secrets for choosing the right hat.

He explained: "It's all about the way it fits my head. You can get two of the same hat and they're not going to fit the same - it's the way it sits on you."

Last year, Pharrell Williams became infamous for a Vivienne Westwood hat he donned at the Grammy Awards, but Ne-Yo insists he doesn't think that particular headwear would have been right for him.

Asked if he is annoyed that Pharrell stole his "hat game", he told heat magazine: "I'm not. I feel like his hat game and mine are two totally different games - I don't feel like that specific hat would work for me. It's too big.

"Like, my head is already big. I dont need to amplify the largeness of it. But it works ridiculously well for him."

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