Noel Gallagher likes Anais' boyfriend

Noel Gallagher likes his daughter Anais' boyfriend, former Stereo Kicks member Reece Bibby.

Noel Gallagher likes Anais' boyfriend

Noel Gallagher approves of his daughter's boyfriend.

The 'If I Had a Gun...' rocker's eldest child, 15-year-old Anais - whose mother is his ex-wife Meg Matthews - is currently romancing former Stereo Kicks member Reece Bibby and the ex-Oasis guitarist gets on well with the young singer.

Reese's former bandmate Casey Johnson told OK! magazine: "Reece has met Noel. He met him at a concert because Noel took him backstage. It went really well and they get on great. Apparently Noel really likes Reece."

Casey, 20, is currently dating fellow former 'X Factor' contestant Betsy-Blue English, 19, but he and the Only the Young singer have no plans to double date with Reece and Anais.

He said: "We haven't (double dated) yet, no. They're quite a bit younger than us. I think it's puppy love at the moment but he does really like her and they're a cute couple."

Casey and Betsy's relationship is going well and the pair are thinking about moving in together.

She said: "It would be so much easier if we both lived in London together. We're not sure when but we'd love to get an apartment. Casey is in London anyway but we can't live at his because there's already five of them."

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