Noel Gallagher's health scare

Noel Gallagher was told he would "virtually drop dead" if he came off medication after suffering an undisclosed illness in 2013.

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher was told he would "virtually drop dead" if he came off medication.

The 47-year-old rocker - who has daughter Anais, 15, from his marriage to Meg Matthews and sons Donovan, seven, and Sonny, four, with wife Sara MacDonald - had "awful" health problems in 2013 and among his many ailments was a mystery condition which left him taking tablets that made him feel even worse.

He said: "It was awful. I had glandular fever, then I went for my annual health check-up. And honest to God I felt all right when I went in, and the doctor made me feel like I was about to drop dead in the street when I came out.

"I won't go into it, but I [also] got tinnitus in my ear, and I pulled two muscles in the back of my hand. Not from playing guitar; I cracked it on the side of something, and I bashed round the casing of the nerves. It was horrible. I couldn't even put my hand in my pocket.

"Then I went on holiday with the kids. And I was getting out of a swimming pool with one of them in my hand and did my back in.

"Then my doctor put me on these tablets - I won't tell you what for [and] told me that if I didn't take them I would virtually drop dead. I was taking them for months and they made me feel awful. So I quit taking them and I feel great again. But I was thinking, the health game's a racket."

Noel credits working on his forthcoming new album 'Chasing Yesterday' for helping get him back to full health.

He told the Telegraph magazine: "So that was a terrible year. But then again, as soon as I got back to work - I started this album on January 6 2014 - that took my mind off it, and I was all right."

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