One Direction to become 'mad old recluses'

One Direction have admitted they're planning to go away and become "mad old recluses" when they go on their extended hiatus next year.

One Direction to become 'mad old recluses'

One Direction are to become "mad old recluses."

The 'Little Things' hitmakers, who formed five years ago through 'The X Factor', are planning to use their extended hiatus next year as a way to restore themselves and catch up on the "craziness" of the last half a decade.

Niall Horan, 22, explained to The Times newspaper's Style magazine: "Basically, this is where we're at with 1D. We've had five years of craziness.

"Now we all need to go away, become mad old recluses, and then come back again with giant bears. That's the plan."

However, despite making the decision to take a break when their world tour wraps up in March, the group - consisting of Niall, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson - are adamant they're not splitting up and they will be back.

Liam, 22, said: "It's just a break. It's not a split. We're not going anywhere. In five years we've done four tours, five albums and we've done films. I've not even watched out films because we are always running for the next thing."

He added: "I'm really conscious that all this crazy stuff has happened to us and, you know, I haven't even taken it in. We can't ever answer questions properly because stuff hasn't sunk in. I want to just sit still and let it sink in.

"We just want a little break. I don't know if anyone's noticed but Katy Perry hasn't done anything for a year."

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