Paloma Faith's marriage was a 'mistake'

Paloma Faith married Rihan Hayes in 2005 but has admitted the nuptials was a mistake.

Paloma Faith's marriage was a 'mistake'

Paloma Faith admits her marriage was a "mistake".

The 34-year-old singer was wed to Rian Haynes for less than a year in 2005 but doesn't "know him very well" and still feels "betrayed" that he spoke out about their marriage years after it ended.

She said: "I feel quite betrayed by the fact that my ex-husband sold a story about me.

"I was only 23 and I made a mistake. I don't really even know him very well. It was quite degrading for both of us."

Even if Rian wanted to apologise to the 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' hitmaker for speaking out, she wouldn't forgive him and has no interest in having him in her life.

She added: "He owes me an apology. But I wouldn't listen to it. I'm good at forgiveness but there are some people who are better not in your life."

These days, Paloma is happy in love with her boyfriend of three years, French artist Leyman Lahcine, and thinks their relationship is a true "accomplishment".

She said: "My biggest regret is throwing my heart at the wrong boys when I was younger. Now I'm madly in love with someone and I'm really proud of myself for falling in love with a nice guy. I feel that's an accomplishment."

And Leyman is the first person the 'Voice UK' star has felt truly close to.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "My boyfriend is the only person I ever miss in my life.

"I was brought up going between my divorced parents' houses, so I developed this way of detatching myself. He's the only person who's genuinely broken that."

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