Paris Jackson builds garden at Neverland

Paris Jackson has built a Zen garden at the Neverland ranch and likes to go there for peaceful reflection.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson has built a Zen garden at the Neverland ranch.

The troubled teenager - who made an apparent suicide attempt in 2013 - has been visiting the former home of her late father, Michael Jackson, and has helped work on a special spot for peaceful reflection.

The space is situated on the site where a Ferris wheel once stood and Paris, 16, had the 'Thriller' hitmaker's favourite image, a Peter Pan-like boy sitting on a moon, carved into the ground in the middle of the garden.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: "She's been there more than her siblings -- but, even more than that, Michael's parents, brothers and sisters never go up.

"She reflects on how Michael would talk to her about not losing her innocence as a child, to not let people - even family - take advantage of her, and to always look after her brothers."

Paris - who, along with her brothers Prince, 18, and Blanket, 12, was placed in the care of her grandmother Katherine Jackson following the death of the King of Pop in June 2009 - is hoping the executors of her father's estate will re-purchase the Californian ranch after investment group Colony Capitol put it up for sale for $75 million, but it is said to be unlikely.

The source added: "More than anyone else, losing Neverland hurts Paris the most without a doubt.

"There are things up at Neverland that she insisted upon while she still has the access, and the garden was one of them."

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