Peter Andre: I want my son to be a scientist

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker has revealed his long-term ambition for his son.

Peter Andre: I want my son to be a scientist

Peter Andre wants his son to be a scientist.

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker's eldest child Junior - who he has with ex-wife Katie Price - is desperate to launch an acting career when he's older, and though the 43-year-old singer will support the youngster's ambitions, he would prefer it if the 10 year old sought a more academic job.

He said: "Junior is so passionate about football and he's a really good player, but he also really loves drama.

"I think he'll end up being in entertainment. I've just got him into a London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art course at his school and he's really enjoying it.

"He's very confident and he's never had the doubt I had when I was younger but the only thing with this industry is you have to be very thick-skinned."

Speaking to OK! magazine, Peter added: "I guess there's only so much I can teach him. I will encourage him as much as I can until he's 18 but of course my dream is that he's going to go to university and become a scientist.

"But you've got to be realistic about their strengths."

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