Peter Andre's son wants another sister

Peter Andre's ten-year-old son Junior says he wants Emily MacDonagh - who is expecting her second child with Peter - to give birth to a baby girl so he remains the only boy in the family.

Peter Andre's son wants another sister

Peter Andre's son want him to have a baby girl.

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker - who is expecting his second child with his wife Emily MacDonagh - has revealed his son Junior, 10, who he has with ex-wife Katie Price, has set some "terms and conditions" in place as the couple prepare to have their second child.

He said: "They've always put pressure on me! They were always asking when I was going to marry her. So I'm like, 'Now you've got the wedding, you're asking me for something else. Junior says we have to make sure it's a girl because he wants to be the only boy in the house. So now I've got terms and conditions as well."

And Junior will have to wait to find out if his "terms and conditions" have been met, as Emily has revealed the pair don't plan on finding out the gender until the baby is born.

She shared: "Last time we found out the sex but kept it really quiet, as my mum didn't want to know. This time we've decided we're not going to find out. Pete has found out with all of his kids so it's nice to do something different."

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old singer - who also has two-year-old Amelia with Emily and Princess, eight, with Katie - is disappointed he didn't start having children when he was younger as he will miss the chance to go travelling with them.

He added to OK! magazine: "I know I'm not a young dad in the sense I'm in my twenties, but I'm a young dad and I love being with them, because you almost become a kid again.

"[If I'd become a dad sooner], they'd all be grown up now and we could travel and backpack together. Being a parent is great and I just wish I started sooner. But I'm obviously so grateful - particularly when the little ones still want pancakes on a Saturday!"

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