Pink 'due' a break from Carey Hart

Pink has joked she is "due" a break from husband Carey Hart, having previously split twice.

Pink 'due' a break from Carey Hart

Pink is "due" a break from Carey Hart.

The 36-year-old singer has been with the retired BMX star since 2001, but they split in 2003, before reconciling and tying the knot, before going their separate ways again in 2008.

However, they got back together again in 2010 and worked through their problems, welcoming daughter Willow into the world in 2011, and the 'Just Like Fire' hitmaker joked they won't be staying together much longer.

Joking they are "due" a break, she said: "Today is a good day. We take breaks. We've had two breaks."

The couple most recently clashed because of Carey's habit of falling asleep in their daughter's bedroom when Pink wants to get intimate.

Asked by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres when their last fight was, she said: "He always falls to sleep putting Willow to bed.

"The other night I said, 'Are you going to stay up tonight?' And he said, 'I would like to.' I said, 'I don't really know what that means. Should I light candles and open wine and put on a show? Like, are we going big here? Or are you going to fall asleep again?' So, I lit the candles and opened the wine, and an hour and a half later, [he was asleep]."

However, the 'Trouble' singer joked there was a positive side to her 40-year-old spouse falling asleep.

She said: "I'm caught up on 'Homeland', so we're good. And then he wakes up eventually; I'm pretending to be asleep. He comes in bed --it's pitch dark; he cannot see my face -- and yet he rolls over and says, 'What's wrong?' He just was guilty."

And Pink insists she won't hold it against Carey because he is such a great husband and father.

She said: "He sucks. No, he's good. He doesn't. He's very, very handsome.

"He's an incredible dad. That's why he falls asleep, because she wants him to stay."

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