Pink refuses to be bullied

Pink refuses to be "bullied" about her weight and is determined to always stand up for herself.

Pink refuses to be "bullied" about her weight.

The 'Try' hitmaker, who has three-year-old daughter Willow with husband Cary Hart, admits body-shaming taunts from critics hurt her feelings, but is determined to always stand up for herself.

The 35-year-old star said: "I don't take well to bullying. I never have. I'm not a person that will be bullied. I'm not a person that will stand by watching other people bullied.

"I'm raising a girl. I am a girl. I have feelings. People think I take no s**t and I'm tough, tougher than nails, but I'm a human being."

The 'Just Give Me a Reason' singer recently assured her "concerned" Twitter followers that she was "perfectly happy" with her appearance, after some suggested she looked like she had gained weight after donning a black dress for the John Wayne 30th Annual Odyssey Ball in Beverly Hills in April.

While Pink admits she doesn't like receiving abuse online, she insists she doesn't let it impact her life.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think people have gotten it wrong. They think their opinion matters and holds weight, and I don't know where or why they're giving themselves so much credit, you know? So I thought it was important for me to remind them that I don't care. My life is full, I like food a lot, and I really like to cook, I like to live. I find joy in that, and we're doing all right in the Hart household."

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