Prince Charles remembers Holocaust victims

Britain's Prince Charles said the Holocaust is a "warning and lesson to us all" at a Holocause Memorial Day event in London yesterday (27.01.15).

Prince Charles
Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles says the Holocaust is a "warning and lesson to us all".

The 66-year-old royal joined politicians including Prime Minister David Cameron, Labour leader Ed Miliband and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, actress Helena Bonham Carter and elderly Holocaust survivors at Central Hall in Westminster yesterday (27.01.15), which was Holocaust Memorial Day, and gave a speech to remember those who perished during the "Nazis' diabolical enterprise".

Charles - who was accompanied by his wife Duchess Camilla - said: "Holocaust Memorial Day is not just a memorial to those six million innocent Jewish men, women and children - it is also universal because the Jews in this story represent all of us.

"That is why the Holocaust is not just a Jewish tragedy, nor merely a dark page from the Second World War, but a warning and a lesson to all of us of all faiths in all times.

"The memory of this suffering and the unspeakable, yet almost incredible, details of the Nazis' diabolical enterprise can help future generations, wherever they may be, understand not just what happened across Europe, but how this came to happen."

Mr. Cameron called for Britain to "stand together" against prejudice.

He told those assembled: "It is time for Britain as a nation to stand together and say 'We will remember'.

"We will not let any form of prejudice destroy the multi-faith, multi-ethnic democracy we are so proud to call our home.

"We will teach every generation the British values of respect and tolerance that we hold dear.

"And we will ensure that they can learn from the stories of our Holocaust survivors long after we have all gone."

Sir John Hurt, Michael Palin, Sarah Lancashire and Christopher Eccleston were among those who also gave readings.

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