Prince Charles to attend premiere of Sir Hubert Parry's unplayed works

Prince Charles will attend a premiere of Sir Hubert Parry's previously unplayed works on May 19.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles is to attend a premiere of Sir Hubert Parry's previously unplayed works.

The royal is a self-confessed fan of Parry, who is recognised as one of the country's most influential musicians, and will be among those in attendance when the event takes place in May.

Speaking during a BBC documentary about Parry's music, Prince Charles once said: "It gives you tingles up the spine and tears in your eyes."

The acclaimed musician's setting of the anthem 'I Was Glad' has been heard at the coronations of every monarch since Edward VII, while it was also performed at the wedding of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Adrian Partington, who chose the two pieces at the premiere on May 19, told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "The pieces are beautifully well-written for his age and show a talented young composer, but they are not exceptional. I think he was writing stuff for his chums to perform at Eton and Oxford and he did it in a hurry.

"They were probably only performed informally around the piano and I suspect he just forgot about them, which is why they have been gathering dust for all these years."

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