Prince Charles visits London sewer

Britain's Prince Charles celebrated the London Sewer Network's 150 years yesterday (18.02.15) by visiting London's deepest sewer.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles visited London's deepest sewer yesterday (18.02.15).

The 66-year-old royal took a stroll along the £635 million Lee Tunnel's pipe network - which was described as a "super sewer" by London Mayor Boris Johnson - but fortunately the prince avoided getting covered in unpleasant substances as it is not due to open until December 2015.

Charles donned a hard hat and high-visibility jacket for the occasion near Stratford, east London, over the top of his grey suit as he took a walk through the tunnel, which is 75 metres below the ground, while accompanied by a group of engineers.

The prince's visit marked 150 years of the London Sewer Network, and Martin Baggs, Thames Water's chief executive, admitted everyone involved in the sewerage system was "extremely proud" to see the heir to the throne at the Abbey Mills site.

He said: "We are all extremely proud and honoured The Prince of Wales joined us today for this special occasion.

"Abbey Mills was such a fitting place to hold the celebration. It formed the central feature of [Sir Joseph] Bazalgette's Victorian sewerage system, but the site is also at the core of our current developments.

"The Lee Tunnel has just been completed at Abbey Mills and this, along with the extensions and improvements at the five sewage works which discharge into the tidal river and the Thames Tideway Tunnel, due to begin construction next year, will greatly improve London's great river for wildlife and people alike."

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