Prince Harry to train Prince George for marathon?

Prince Harry has revealed he wants to train his 18-month-old nephew Prince George for the marathon after confessing he wouldn't be taking part in the 26-mile running event himself.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Prince Harry wants to train Prince George for the marathon.

The 30-year-old royal - who visited runners at Twickenham Rugby Stadium yesterday (02.02.15) ahead of the annual race in London on April 26 - joked that he would like to see his 18-month-old nephew take part in the sporting challenge when he's older after confessing he wouldn't be running the race himself.

Harry made the comments about the young royal - who is the son of his brother Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge - as he chatted to runner Jane Fishwick, 59, from Shrewsbury, Wiltshire at the stadium.

Jane told MailOnline: "I suggested he might like to run one and he said there's a little bit of a problem there because he and William and Kate would all come under fire to do it if one of them does it.

"So then I suggested maybe they might like to train George up in good time and maybe they might like to hand the mantle on and he said he thought that might be a good idea."

Harry added George could take part even sooner if his parents were willing to join him on the 26-mile course.

Jane added: "He said they could push him round."

The prince looked smart in a pale green jacket and blue chinos as he greeted competitors at the stadium, marking his first public engagement this year.

He watched around 60 runners - who are raising money for his, Prince William's and Duchess Catherine's chosen charities - during their training session.

Harry was also joined by Dr Mike England - the Director of the Injured Players Foundation - who described the royal's support as "priceless".

Mike said: "This is to give the runners that final boost before the big day. To have that support from Prince Harry is priceless."

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