Prince William: Princess Charlotte is 'ladylike'

Prince William described his daughter Princess Charlotte as his "little joy of heaven" and revealed that while she's already very "ladylike", her brother Prince George is a bit too "lively".

Prince William: Princess Charlotte is 'ladylike'

Britain's Duke of Cambridge has revealed his daughter Princess Charlotte is very "ladylike".

Prince William - who also has two-year-old son Prince George with his wife Duchess Catherine - spoke about his love for his children during a visit to Cambridge University.

Professor Christopher Dobson said: "We talked a little bit about the children and he did make a couple of comments about their different temperaments."

Describing his five-month-old daughter Charlotte as his "little joy of heaven", William is said to have added that she was already very "ladylike".

The 33-year-old royal joked that while Prince George may appear well behaved to the public, he is certainly "lively".

Professor Dobson added: "He said they were both delightful of course."

William - who returned to his former place of study to open a new centre at St. John's College - also commented on their family dog Lupo's fondness for wrecking the lawn at their home in Norfolk.

After being presented with a book titled 'Fitz and Will and the Cambride Cats', William was told that the dog in the tale looked like his family's cocker spaniel, to which he replied: "There wouldn't be any of the lawn left if it was Lupo!"

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