Professor Green takes break from alcohol

Rap star Professor Green has announced he is "taking a break from alcohol".

Professor Green takes break from alcohol

Professor Green is "taking a break from alcohol".

The 32-year-old rap star has admitted alcohol has been affecting his moods and playing havoc with his eczema, and so he's decided to quit drinking for the time being.

He wrote on Instagram: "As of today I'm taking a break from alcohol. I've been toying with the idea for ages but today I've decided I'm done for the foreseeable.

"It makes my eczema rage and already suffering with anxiety it does nothing but amplify it. If I can get through Christmas I can get through anything.

"It's been emotional and you've helped me make some of my best mistakes I've ever made, but for now alcohol, auf wiedersehen. (sic)"

The rapper, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, has previously spoken about his ongoing battle against depression, admitting he's been seeing a therapist in a bid to cope with the issue.

He explained: "I felt so stupid when I first sat down but then the tears came and it was the security of being somewhere where I wasn't going to be judged."

The London-born star also said he hopes his story will inspire other men to discuss the problem of mental health.

He said: "Sometimes men do pluck up the courage to explain to someone how they're feeling and the person just says, 'Come on, have a drink, pull yourself together'.

"[Your brain is] the single most important part of your body and the one thing we really need to learn to take care of."

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