Proud dad Ian Ziering

Actor Ian Ziering says the most satisfying thing in his life is being a dad to his two daughters Mia, three, and 22-month-old Penna.

Ian Ziering and Erin
Ian Ziering and Erin

Ian Ziering says being a father is his most "rewarding and fun" role.

The 'Sharknado 2' star has two daughters, Mia, three, and 22-month-old Penna, with his wife Erin Kristine Ludwig, 30, and he loves being a parent so much he and Erin are thinking about having more children.

He said: "Out of all the roles I've played, Dad is by far the most rewarding and fun. getting an invitation to a tea party by one of my daughters is always very exciting."

Asked if he would like another child, the 50-year-old actor said: "We're thinking about it. My girls are amazing, but I would not mind playing with some army men in the future!"

The former 'Beverly Hills 90210' star works hard to maintain his appearance, but insists he will never go under the knife again.

He told In Touch Weekly magazine: "I had my nose fixed when I was 19. It was half deviated septum, half big schnozzle. But going forward, it's all about ageing gracefully. I work out five days a week and I'm in the best shape I've ever been"

Ian headlined several Chippendales dance shows last year and admits he would be open to stripping again.

He said: "If the Chippendales asked me, I would definitely do it. They're such a classy organisation, and it was a blast. And the response was very, very flattering.

"And it was fun - flirty, but not dirty, so women go out of their minds without it being crude."

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