Rihanna: Jennifer Lopez makes me feel safe

Jennifer Lopez makes her 'Home' co-star Rihanna feel "safe" and reminds the younger singer of her own mother.


Jennifer Lopez makes Rihanna feel "safe".

The two singers voice mother and daughter Lucy and Tip in animated movie 'Home' - which follows the 12 year old's search for her parent after they are separated following an alien invasion - and the 'Diamonds' hitmaker says the 'American Idol' judge shares a lot of characteristics with her own mom.

Rihanna said: "I love her. She is great. Doesn't everybody want JLo to be their mum?

"When you hear Jennifer, her voice has that warmth and safeness that my mother's has. It has that tone. It's almost like it can hug you.

"My own mother is so loving and caring. She just makes you feel safe."

Rihanna, 27, relates a lot to her young character in the movie because she is both shy and sensitive.

She explained to Grazia magazine: "Tip is vibrant, she's very strong, very independent and very sassy, but she's also very sensitive and those are all things I identify with - characteristics that drew her to me.

"I was always sassy, I was like that at six years old, four years old.

"But I was also shy. It's strange. I'm a very shy person, even to this day.

"When I'm comfortable with you, that's when you really start to see the other colours of my personality coming out. When I feel comfortable enough to be vibrant and fun and say whatever I feel like saying, because I know then you won't be offended by anything I might say."

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