Rob Kardashian's weight gain 'not a big deal'

Cheryl Burke says her pal Rob Kardashian has made his weight gain a "bigger deal than it is".

Rob Kardashian's weight gain 'not a big deal'

Rob Kardashian's friend thinks he has made his weight gain a "bigger deal than it is".

The reclusive reality TV star stepped back from the spotlight after gaining more than 100lbs in one year but his 'Dancing With The Stars' partner Cheryl Burke believes he didn't need to "go into hiding".

Speaking on the 'Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss' podcast, she said: "Look, everyone fluctuates. I'm surprised that he's making it a bigger deal than it is. I think that's it's fine, why does he have to go into hiding or why isn't he coming out? I think it's not a big deal.

"I know Rob really well, he's a normal guy and he's so sweet, and I just don't think that he has anything to be insecure about. I say: 'Just own it Rob, get out there.' I think with Rob and his situation he can definitely come out and own it a little more. It just happens, it's not like he's so obese he can't walk. He's good. He's chill. I say: 'Own it, but still be healthy.' Obviously if he's not healthy there's something wrong."

And Cheryl is delighted that her pal has found love with Blac Chyna, who he recently proposed to after a whirlwind three-month romance.

She said: "Listen, he seems to be really happy, so if Rob's happy, I'm happy."

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