Robbie Williams eats his own toenails

Ayda Field has revealed that one of her husband Robbie Williams' most disgusting habits is that he eats his own toenails.

Robbie Williams eats his own toenails

Robbie Williams "nibbles" his toenails, his wife Ayda Field has revealed.

Ayda says just because her husband is a pop heartthrob it doesn't mean he doesn't have bad habits and she often catches him chewing on his nails after clipping them.

During a panel discussion on 'Loose Women', she spilled: "There has been toenail nibbling. I'll just kind of look over and he'll have like a little bit in his mouth ... I'll be like, 'Is that nail in your mouth?' "

Ayda, 37, has also shared some of Robbie's other disgusting habits and has revealed he likes to "manscape" and shave his private parts and chest and arms.

The American actress has no issue with her 42-year-old spouse wanting to keeping things trim down below, she just wishes he didn't leave his thick body hair all over the bathroom floor.

Ayda said: "The most consistent one (bad habit) he has, he'll just get the urge out of nowhere to manscape. You know what I mean, it's never insistent he'll just be in the bath and see like his arm or a part of his chest, he'll just get that bit, or he'll be up on the toilet. So I'll come in and it looks like there's been a sheep sheared or a poodle attacked and there's never any warning so you just end up with man's hair everywhere. It's quite thick and it springs. He kind of becomes a patch work quilt."

Ayda - who has two children, daughter Teddy, three, and 20-month-old Charlton, with the Take That star - isn't guilt-free when it comes to gross habits and she regularly annoys Robbie but slathering herself in fake tan before she goes to bed, meaning it rubs off on him.

She admitted: "He hates my fake tan - it does look like an orange crime scene in the morning! That's so funny, he does make fun of me. You know I put on all the black clothing I can and the towels down but no matter what it goes everywhere and half of his face will just be orange in the morning."

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