Rod Stewart: I'm a softie romantic

British rock star Rod Stewart has admitted he is a "softie romantic".

Rod Stewart: I'm a softie romantic

Rod Stewart is a "softie romantic".

The 70-year-old rock star - who has been married to three different women, including his current wife Penny Lancaster-Stewart - thinks his romantic nature has helped him to charm members of the opposite sex.

The Brit, who has eight children by five women, told Loaded: "I've done pretty well with women.

"Basically I like to think I'm an old softie romantic. I haven't made too many enemies along the road."

This comes shortly after Rod admitted he "can't" listen to his own music when he's having sex.

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker said he has never used his own back catalogue as the soundtrack to his bedroom antics.

Asked if he had, Rod made a shrinking gesture and said: "No. No I can't! It would go like that."

Meanwhile, Rod also revealed his new track 'Batman Superman Spiderman' is inspired by his youngest son, four-year-old Aiden.

He said: "I always go up and read him a story. And I always say, 'What do you want the story to be about?' And he says, 'It's a make-up story Dad!' And I said, 'Give me a clue!' He says, 'Batman. Superman or Spiderman.' And I went, 'Oh that's a song!'

"I've written songs about all the kids. I mean, I'm so bloody proud of them. I really am!"

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