Rod Stewart inspired Ronnie Wood to have more kids

Rod Stewart has claimed his friend Ronnie Wood - who is about to become a father to twins at the age of 68 - is having more kids thanks to him and his wife Penny Lancaster, as the couple were "pushing" for him to have children.

Rod Stewart inspired Ronnie Wood to have more kids

Rod Stewart claims he inspired Ronnie Wood to have more children.

The 71-year-old rocker has taken the credit for his 68-year-old former Faces bandmate and his wife Sally Humphreys deciding to start a family, revealing he and his spouse Penny Lancaster talked them into it.

Rod said: "I must admit it was me and Penny that was pushing for them to have children - I'm sure Sally wanted them but she just needed a spokesman and she got it in me."

And the 'Maggie May' singer can't help but be amused at the thought of how much his old pal's life is going to change when he becomes a dad to twins very soon.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Lorraine', he added: "He doesn't know what's going to happen to him. I laugh every time I think of it."

Rod has eight children with five women, and is an older dad to young kids himself as he has sons Alistair, 10, and Aiden, five, with Penny.

Ronnie is already father to four grown-up children, son Jesse - his son with first wife Krissy - and Leah, Tyrone and Jamie whom he raised with second spouse Jo Wood.

Rod has previously suggested The Rolling Stones guitarist should have a vasectomy once his twins enter the world so he cannot procreate any more.

He quipped: "I have not had the snip. Ask Ronnie Wood, he should have the snip. I don't know what comes out when you have the snip. I think it is just dust."

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