Rose Byrne's 'disruptive' job

Rose Byrne says her job has "disrupted" her relationship with fellow actor Bobby Cannavale but has insisted the pair make it work by putting in more "effort".

Rose Byrne's 'disruptive' job

Rose Byrne's relationship is "disrupted" by her job.

The 'Bridesmaids' star - who has been dating fellow actor Bobby Cannavale for three years - says their jet-setting lifestyles has meant they need to make more of an "effort".

She said: "I like to create a community where I am, and I think that probably suits my temperament. Making films can be disruptive to your life.

"You've got to make the effort to make sure you're in each other's lives all the time. It's just like if you're a journalist or a politician or any job that takes you away a lot.

"You have to organise your life or the time apart can stretch into weeks and weeks and that's not good for any relationship. It's hard. But it's not that hard. He's not on an oil rig; I'm not in the Congo."

Meanwhile, Rose also admitted she was a "little nervous" about working with the 'Boardwalk Empire' star on 'Spy', 'Annie' and 'Adult Beginners'.

She added to the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine: "I was a little nervous initially. It could have not been a good idea, but I admire him so much as an actor I was really excited to work with him."

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